Multi Engine Instructor Rating

If you currently hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate (Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land), a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate: Single Engine Land and have logged at least
10 hours of Multi Engine pilot in command, upon completion of your training and satisfactory check ride, you will hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate: Single & Multi Engine Land and a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate: Single & Multi Engine Airplane.

There is no written exam to take this course.

(The FARs require that you have 15 hours Pilot In Command (PIC) in a Multi Engine aircraft before you can sit for the MEI check ride.)

This course fee includes up to 7 hours of training in the Piper Seneca I, the airplane for the check ride, the study materials, and ground instruction needed to complete the course.

Course price:    $2,995.00

Examiners Fee:    $600.00

This is a 3 day training course. Checkride is scheduled for day 4.

NOTE:  If you have the certificates and ratings listed above but do not have the required 15 hours of Multi-Engine PIC time, we can give you a revised price quote based on the amount of Multi-Engine time that you have.